Parentaly & PwC Canada: Working together to support new parents through parental leave

Aug 22, 2023

Parentaly, the leading parental leave support provider, is excited to announce it will work with PwC Canada to provide their employees with a seamless parental leave experience. 

As the only company laser-focused on the career impact of parental leave, Parentaly will provide career coaching to expecting employees and training for leaders to support PwC Canada’s team members through parental leave transitions. 

Together, Parentaly and PwC Canada will ensure expecting employees and their teams are equitably supported in their careers as they navigate the stages of the parental leave process: before, during and after their leave. The goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem where employees can enjoy their family while continuing to pursue their career aspirations.

“We are thrilled to support PwC Canada and its employees through parental leave,” Parentaly Founder & CEO Allison Whalen said. “Though many companies are now offering more generous paid parental leave policies to attract and retain talent, not many companies address the business and career disruption associated with longer leaves. Working with Parentaly is a testament to PwC Canada’s commitment to supporting their staff through all stages of their careers.”

“Retaining top talent is an important part of our people strategy at PwC Canada,” PwC Canada Chief People Officer Sonia Boisvert said. “It’s also important to provide everyone, particularly women, the necessary support during their family building years. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that PwC Canada is a place where all parents can thrive and reach their career and personal goals.”

Through Parentaly, PwC Canada will be offering two parental leave programs:

For expecting employees: 

  • Comprehensive career coaching program that combines individual and group coaching sessions with structured guidance throughout the entire pre-leave through re-onboarding experience 
  • Parental leave templates, conversation guides and exercises that will help employees efficiently prepare for and return from their leave — creating confident, empowering and successful parental leave transitions

For relationship leaders & coaches: 

  • Quarterly 1-hour training sessions on how to cultivate an empathetic environment for working parents and what to do before, during and after a team member’s parental leave 
  • Manager toolkit that includes planning templates, conversation guides and other tactical resources to facilitate parental leave success

Parentaly and PwC Canada will launch this parental leave program in September, which will be offered to all employees in both English and French.

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About Parentaly
Parentaly is the leading parental leave career coaching and training provider, offering parental leave support programs that help companies minimize business disruption associated with parental leaves and empower working parents to pursue their careers. We partner with HR to provide employees and managers with the support they need to execute on critical pre-leave coverage planning and re-onboarding activities.


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