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E5_Tracy Young

E5: Normalizing women & mothers in leadership

November 29, 2023

In this episode, we welcome Tracy Young, a mom of three and 2x founder of PlanGrid and TigerEye. Tracy shared her story about how she successfully built two tech companies, her experience with motherhood, and her take on why we need more women in leadership.


E4: The Space Gal: Engineer, TV host & your science best friend

November 15, 2023

In this episode, we interview Emily Calandrelli - aka The Space Gal - who is an MIT-engineer turned Emmy-nominated science TV host. We talk all about what it was like filming a Netflix show while 36-weeks pregnant and her advocacy around better parental leave policies in the aerospace industry.

E3 Danielle - podcast feed

E3: It's OK to "work" while on parental leave

November 1, 2023

In this episode, Allison and Parentaly Coach Danielle Pickens address the "to work or not to work during parental leave" conundrum. They cover the differences between working and staying in touch with work, sharing examples of when it's actually beneficial to the employee to connect with work without doing too much while on leave.

E2_ Jenna - podcast feed

E2: Starting a new role when you're expecting a child

October 18, 2023

In this episode, Allison welcomes Parentaly's Head of Marketing, Jenna Vassallo, to cover the pros and cons of starting a new job when you're expecting. They address interviewing when pregnant and when to disclose, the challenges of onboarding and coverage planning at the same time, and why this experience can be quite different depending on your birthing status.

E1_ Allison-1

E1: Allison's story: I almost quit my job after parental leave

October 4, 2023

In this episode, Allison shares her personal struggles with parental leave and answers your questions in our first "Ask Me Anything" segment. Tune it to learn how her experience led her to build a company that helps parents grow their careers after they start a family.

Podcast cover art

Trailer: Introducing The False Tradeoff

August 17, 2023

We launched a podcast: The False Tradeoff! This podcast exists as an outlet for working parents, HR leaders and anyone committed to proving that parents can excel at both work and at home. Learn what we mean by "the false tradeoff" and what we plan to cover.