We're living in a new world.

More companies are (finally!) offering longer paid parental leaves.

But when an employee takes an extended leave of absence, the stakes are high for everyone.

Parents can feel overwhelmed both before and after their parental leave. They struggle to create strong coverage plans, miss out on key business milestones, and oftentimes aren't sure how to navigate the personal and professional challenges in the return-to-work transition.

Managers, direct reports and peer employees can face confusion about how to support the parent’s unique needs while delivering on their own goals. 

Employers become concerned both about short-term business results being delivered as well as broader retention of top talent.




Despite these challenges, parental leave doesn't have to be stressful.



In fact - parental leave can be a competitive advantage for both a business and the new parent.


With proper support and guidance, the experience of parental leave can result in: 

  • Improved business results: eliminate unnecessary work, pressure test the most critical projects, accelerate business results in key areas
  • Elevated roles: up-level junior talent who provide coverage support, and allow the new parent to return to a role that is more aligned with their professional goals
  • Employee loyalty: help new parents navigate both personal and professional challenges during such a vulnerable time, ensuring retention and career growth
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Parentaly helps companies improve the entire experience of parental leave

From pre-leave planning to return-to-work re-onboarding, we offer programs to set your employees and business up for success.

Every Parentaly program has been designed to expertly combine coaching and content, leveraging our expertise and the best practices of hundreds of new parents.



Our bite-sized planning modules and templates have been infused with the experiences, desires, and feedback of hundreds of working parents. They include prompts for transfer of work before leave, and onboarding reminders upon return to work. 



Our highly vetted career coaches serve as accountability partners and supporters to expectant parents, ensuring employees are sticking to their plans, committing to goals, and navigating obstacles or curveballs.

For Employers

Ensure business continuity

Ensure business continuity

Improve your business results, up-level junior talent, and redefine roles, responsibilities and goals

Attract and retain talent

Attract and retain talent

Reduce attrition after parental leave, and attract top talent who want to work for a company that truly supports working parents

“Retaining top talent is an important part of our people strategy at PwC Canada. It’s also important to provide everyone, particularly women, the necessary support during their family building years. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that PwC Canada is a place where all parents can thrive and reach their career and personal goals.”

Sonia Boisvert, Chief People Officer at PwC Canada
Sonia Boisvert
Chief People Officer, PwC Canada

For Employees


Career Growth

Work with your coach to define your personal career growth goals - and translate your goals into concrete plans

Expert Support

Expert Support

Leverage our extensive resources to access best practices, planning templates, content and community

"I can’t tell you how much I appreciated Parentaly. Based on my leave planning, I became the de facto parental leave expert at my company. Before I left I had six expecting moms from across the organization put time on my calendar to help them with leave planning, and my leave plan was circulated widely as a model for others."

Director, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

"The combination of executive coaching, educational materials, and guided leave-planning are intended to solve a suite of problems: lack of communication, business disruption, and incorrect assumptions about flexibility or decreased responsibility that women may or may not want when they get back to work."