“Vote Like a Mother” this presidential election

Jenna Vassallo
Jun 4, 2024
Mother stands at voting booth

There are 85 million mothers – about a quarter of the total population – in the United States.

The Chamber of Mothers, a non-profit that aims to unite mothers as advocates for policy change at the local and federal levels, is on a mission to get as many of those moms to vote according to their interests in this year’s presidential election and beyond.

Their bipartisan campaign, Vote Like a Mother, aims to help moms confirm their voting status, register to vote, clarify the causes they stand by, learn more about the candidates and what measures align with their beliefs, and download a sample ballot.

The Chamber of Mothers is launching this campaign to help mothers have information readily available to them in one place so they can make more informed decisions efficiently.

What is The Chamber of Mothers?

The Chamber of Mothers was founded in 2021 when Congress cut paid family leave from the Build Back Better legislation.

Upset and angry, eight women came together to start a movement to unite mothers and advocate for a better America. That movement is now grounded in community and state chapters around three main pillars of advocacy:

  • Paid family leave
  • Affordable childcare
  • Maternal health

Why these three pillars? These are issues that affect most mothers regardless of background and socioeconomic status:

“What we've found is that the childcare crisis is impacting women who are upper middle class, it's impacting women who are working class, it impacts the middle class,” said Chamber of Mothers’ Co-Founder Raena Boston. “All of these things are a common experience that we share. And while we may not agree on the means of how we get [policies to support] those things, these are things that are impacting our experience as mothers and don't allow us to show up and as our best selves.”

These are also all issues that women can “vote like a mother” for:

“Moms have so much on our plates. You don't want to go into the election feeling unsteady,” said Erin Erenberg, another Chamber of Mothers co-founder. “You don't want to go in just influenced by external sources. You want to be able to download your sample ballot, take a minute when the kids are down, when you can think straight, when you can go on and Google who are these candidates, what are the issues, what do I care about?”

What you can do to get involved

There are several ways you can get involved with both the Chamber of Mothers and the Vote Like a Mother campaign:

  • Text “mother” to 26797 to register to vote
  • Follow the Chamber of Mothers on Instagram
  • Join a local chapter, or start your own
  • Donate to these important causes via the CoM website
  • Subscribe for different ways to advocate
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