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Aug 17, 2023


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Cat's out of the bag! We're launching a podcast: The False Tradeoff.

Through our work at Parentaly, we know a lot about parental leave and supporting employees as they navigate working parenthood.

We've also met a lot of great people going through the working parent journey, advocating for better policies and doing their part to normalize being ambitious and successful at work - while also having a family and being present at home.

Outside of the career coaching and manager training we offer to clients through our parental leave programs, we also spend a lot of time sharing tips and tricks on LinkedIn, hosting public events and publishing free resources to help others through the parental leave transition.

But then we thought...what's next?

Can we do more and use our platform to share success stories around parental leave, the transition to working parenthood and beyond?

Because we know this experience can be hard - for both businesses and individuals - but it's not impossible. 

And that's when The False Tradeoff podcast was born.  

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Hi there, it's Allison Whalen, CEO and founder of Parentaly, and I'm so excited to launch our podcast: The False Tradeoff.

What do we mean by the false tradeoff? 

It's the idea that you can't thrive at work and at home as a working parent; that you have to optimize either your family or your career; that you can either be a great parent or a great employee, but not both. 

Working parents have been sold this idea that they have to be able to do the work they do – that there is a trade-off between finding success at work and at home. 

I experienced this firsthand once I became a parent and nearly quit my job because of the mess I came back to after my parental leave. 

But what I realized is: It doesn't have to be this way, which is why I started my company, Parentaly, to build a career-focused parental leave program to support other parents like me. 

Are there challenges associated with optimizing career and home life? Is it hard to thrive in both places? Does it require a constant work-life sway? 

Yes, absolutely. 

But it's simply untrue that to be good at one thing, you have to be bad at the other. That is the false tradeoff. 

And that's why this podcast exists: as an outlet for working parents, HR leaders, and anyone committed to proving that parents can excel at both work and at home. 

Each week, we'll share inspiring stories of parents who are breaking this false tradeoff. We'll dive deep into some of the hottest topics related to working parenthood and parental leave,  sharing tips and tricks along the way. 

And hopefully having these conversations will help activate broader change at organizations large and small alike to ensure ongoing support for working parents. 

So whether you've been a fan of Parentaly over the years or happened to stumble across us by chance, let me be the first to say I'm glad you're here. 

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