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Working parent profiles

Working parent profiles

There's no manual for being a working parent.

But learning from others gets pretty close.


Mainstream media does a fine job of telling the horror stories of being a working parent. The last thing you need is another mommy blog amplifying “daycare guilt” this, or “no sleep for a week” that. Throw a stressful parental leave experience in the mix, and people wonder why we’re doing this in the first place.  

But this isn't the whole story. In companies from startups to global enterprises, parents are not only making it work—they’re thriving

The missing narrative? You can be a great parent and a great employee. We hear time and time again that having kids is what made career-minded people successful today. 

These people have a newfound respect for time, energy, and coworkers which makes them even better employees. And they still spend quality time with their families, get job promotions, and find meaning in their work.

Successful working parents are everywhere, but you never hear about them.

We want to change this. We're sharing profiles of parents who have welcomed their children and enjoyed career successes along the way.

“During my first pregnancy, I was desperate to find role models—someone I could relate to who was a parent thriving at work and home. All I heard were the doomsday stories. I realized later how damaging this was, and my confidence took a hit just as I welcomed my first child. It turns out there are so many women and men owning their success at work and at home.”
- Allison Whalen, Co-Founder & CEO, Parentaly

Find inspiration and applicable tips from working parents in tech startups to corporate America.


Each profile includes:

  • In-depth, detailed accounts from real working parents who have been through the parental leave process (some more than once)

  • Skimmable “lessons learned” from each parent to help you (and your employer) feel more prepared in this season

  • Exclusive content about high-profile companies

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On launching Indeed's Parents and Caregivers IRG in the midst of the pandemic

Product Marketing at Indeed
Formerly: Square Root, Target

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Yes, it's possible to be an entrepreneur while raising young twins

Managing Director at Beer Hawk
Formerly: Google, BCG, Quincy

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How to reclaim your career, and tips from women who have pivoted

Strategy at Mendix/Siemens
Formerly: Bain, Apple, startups

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On filming her Netflix show while 36 weeks pregnant - and then taking a short parental leave

"The Space Gal"
Emily's Wonder Lab, Xploration Outer Space

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How this business leader balanced rapid growth with two (very different) maternity leaves

Co-Founder & Co-CEO @ arcana
Formerly: Tokyo Smoke, Samsung, Google

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How “the #1 global voice for working moms” balances a day job, parenting, and advocacy

Consumer packaged goods, Minority Women Marketing

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Why this dad was energized by a 12-week parental leave 

Strategic Partner Lead @ Google
Formerly: Twitter, CNN and Bloomberg

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How trailblazing maternity leave in a male-dominated tech environment led to a policy overhaul

Co-Founder & COO @ Charter
Formerly: Away, The New York Times

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How to claim your space while starting a new leadership role six months pregnant

Head of Social & Emerging Media @ Verizon
Formerly: L'Oreal, GoPro and Conde Nast

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How switching jobs while pregnant (twice!) supercharged her career

Strategy @ DoorDash
Formerly: Google, Pinterest and Apple

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How taking parental leave as an entrepreneur and sales leader can result in business growth

Co-Founder @ Parentaly
Formerly: Managed by Q (WeWork)

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How slowing down with intention can actually speed up your career

Co-Founder @ Parentaly
Formerly: TargetBCG, TFA

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