Parentaly Small Group Coaching

For expecting parents


Join a cohort of 10 peers as you navigate pre-leave planning, parental leave

and the return-to-work experience. 


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Do you know
where to begin?

We’ve broken down what can be an overwhelming  planning process into concise, step-by-step templates and exercises 
Do you know  where to begin?

Unsure how to address concerns?

Tap into the best practices of hundreds of other successful working parents who navigated the same concerns and challenges, and get real-time support and advice from your cohort peers. 
Unsure how to address concerns?

Feeling overwhelmed?


You're not alone! Join your industry peers and expert career coach to stay on track, remove obstacles and improve your productivity as you return to work.
Feeling overwhelmed?


"The week-by-week guidance and planning templates helped me stay organized and prepare my team, but the most meaningful part of the program was the community. Parentaly connected me with an invaluable community of new parents and provided a safe, coach-led environment where we could share our questions, concerns, problems, and strategies. This program is the perfect combination of professional and personal, and I feel confident in navigating the logistical and emotional journey of balancing my career while becoming a new parent."


- Amy, Data Scientist at Terminal


Program details

Before parental leave

Before parental leave:

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Two 30-minute individual coaching sessions with your Parentaly coach

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Two group coaching sessions with your cohort and Parentaly coach

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Access to the Parentaly pre-leave dashboard that includes everything you need for parental leave success: templates, exercises, best practices and step-by-step guides for coverage planning



Returning to work

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Three group coaching sessions with your cohort and Parentaly coach to support your return to work transition and continued professional development

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Access to the Parentaly return to work dashboard that includes content, tools, and crowd-sourced tips to help you expedite and streamline your re-onboarding experience
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Networking opportunities with your cohort of industry peers also welcoming babies at around the same time as you


We've worked with expectant employees from companies including:



Pre-leave planning



Through our coaching sessions, 1:1 consultation and guided exercises via your Parentaly Dashboard, we help you create plans that will set you and your business up for success. And because there is no one busier than an expecting parent - we built this entire curriculum with speed and efficiency in mind. Use our templates, best practices and clear step by step guidance to get the work done via short self-guided planning sessions.


Plans you will create:

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Coverage plan: How will your work be completed, and by whom? What training, documentation and goals do you need to create?

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Communication and work tracking plan: How will the work being completed by others be tracked and/or communicated to you during your parental leave? 

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Re-onboarding plan: How will you successfully onboard back into what can feel like a totally new company when you return?

Return-to-work coaching



Re-engage with your cohort of 10 new parent peers as you navigate the return-to-work experience after parental leave. 



You’ll attend three small group coaching sessions led by a Parentaly career coach over the course of your first three months back at work. These sessions will cover the most important topics related to returning to work and career advancement, and allow you to discuss roadblocks, tips and tricks with your cohort and coach.


Modules and topics include:

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Career: Focus on your most critical priorities at work via vision exercises, Listening Tour and work planning 

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Productivity: Leverage routines, tools and mindsets that allow you to work smarter, not harder

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Relationships: Build strong relationships at work and externally across all levels 

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Home life: Childcare, household responsibilities, relationships and personal priorities





This is a unique opportunity for transformational professional and personal growth. 



Up-level your team, 

engage in powerful professional development, and accelerate your career as a new parent.

What our alumni say

You should sign up if you want to:

Create a coverage plan that supports both your business and your career
Create a coverage plan that supports both your business and your career
Tap into expert career coaching as you return to work
Tap into expert career coaching as you return to work
Connect with other high potential expecting and new parents
Connect with other high potential expecting and new parents

Employers should sponsor their employees if they want to:

Minimize business disruption during parental leaves
Minimize business disruption during parental leaves
Identify and invest in high potential talent
Identify and invest in high potential talent
Provide networking and development opportunities
Provide networking and development opportunities


What is the cost?

This program is fully paid for by your employerThis program is a benefit that companies offer to ensure their employees have a positive parental leave experience.


Is this just for (pregnant) women? 



No! We welcome any expecting employee, including non-birthing parents. That said, we find this program has the highest ROI for anyone planning to take 8+ consecutive weeks of leave.


What is the ideal timing for this program?

We recommend you start this program around 30 weeks pregnant. We will put you in a cohort that is timed appropriately to your expected parental leave start date.

What happens in a coaching session?


The Parentaly career coach will facilitate custom sessions based on specific needs and feedback from each participant, while integrating the Parentaly materials and frameworks to ensure optimal support. These sessions typically involve sharing personal experiences and challenges, receiving feedback from other participants and the coach, and more directive tactical recommendations and support.



What exactly is a career coach?


A career coach is a professional who focuses on asking questions, drawing conclusions out of your statements, and guiding you toward concrete and practical actions to achieve your goals. In a group coaching setting, their role is to moderate an impactful and productive conversation to address the stated objectives. Think of them as expert accountability partners who have worked with hundreds of similar individuals to map out clear plans of action!



What is Parentaly?


We combine our expert career coaching and parental leave content to improve the entire experience of parental leave. Our main goal is to improve retention of parents by facilitating a smoother re-entry process and supporting their preferred career trajectory.



"I would not be at all prepared if it weren't for Parentaly.  Instead, not only am I feeling confident that nothing will fall apart while I'm gone, I'm also actually really looking forward to using this moment to ensure that when I return I am better able to align my tasks and responsibilities toward my career goals.  I can't thank you enough."

- Parentaly Alum

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