Pre-leave Planning

1:1 consultations and step-by-step exercises to create coverage plans that set you and your team up for success
You'll get:
  • Three 45-minute sessions with a Parentaly coach to discuss topics of your choice as you prepare for leave
  • Access to a library of templates and resources to save time in coverage planning
  • Guided exercises based on your specific needs and circumstances

You'll leave with:

  • Coverage plan: How your work should be managed while you’re gone
  • Communication plan: How your team should communicate with you during leave
  • Re-onboarding plan: How you’ll successfully re-onboard when you’re back

Return-to-work Support

Continued 1:1 support with your career coach to successfully re-onboard after your leave and advance your career

You'll get:

  • Two 45-minute sessions to support your return to work
  • Access to templates and resources to streamline the re-onboarding experience
  • Guidance on continued professional development to support your career goals

You'll leave with:

  • Career vision: Guidance on how to map your career goals and prioritize your work to get you there
  • Productivity tools: Routines and mindsets to help you work smarter - not harder
  • Household management framework: Exercises to structure your home life so that you can be your best at work

Hear what other participants had to say about their experience:

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 1.02.56 PM

"I would not be at all prepared if it weren't for this program. Instead, not only am I feeling confident that nothing will fall apart while I'm gone, I'm also actually really looking forward to using this moment to ensure that when I return I am better able to align my tasks and responsibilities toward my career goals.

- Jackie, Legal Director

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 1.02.56 PM

"I liked how structured [my coach] was, and that we had stages of things to discuss and accomplish in each session which made everything feel manageable and not overwhelming! I found the templates the most helpful - the coverage plan excel sheet was crucial for me."

- Emily, Insights Manager

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 1.02.56 PM

"Parentaly has been a valuable resource. The coaching sessions prepared me physically by creating a workload delegation and re-onboarding plan and mentally by teaching me methods that will provide me with confidence as I ramp back up upon return."

- Todd, Sales Leader


What is the cost of the Parentaly program, and do I have to pay for it?

All Parentaly programming is offered as an employee benefit, which means your employer covers 100% of the cost! Employees who enroll will be taking advantage of a $4,000 career coaching program at no cost to them.

Is this program made only for (pregnant) women?

No! The program is designed for any expecting employee, including non-birthing parents! Hundreds of alum graduating from the program are new fathers who have found it invaluable in helping them prepare for their leave and think about their career goals moving forward.

What is the ideal timing to start the Parentaly program?

To get the full benefit of the program, we recommend starting at least 10 weeks before your leave begins, but we accept sign-ups at any point in the parental leave journey, including when you’re returning to work.

I haven't been coached before. What exactly is a career coach?

A career coach is trained to ask questions about you and your work, use that information to guide you toward concrete actions to achieve your goals, and hold you accountable to your plan. Think of them as expert accountability partners who have worked with hundreds of similar individuals to map out clear plans of action!

What happens in a career coaching session?

Your Parentaly career coach will customize your sessions to your specific needs, and will share frameworks and materials to support those needs. These sessions typically involve sharing personal experiences and challenges, and receiving feedback and tactical recommendations.

What is Parentaly and where can I learn more about your services?

Parentaly is an employee benefit that combines expert career coaching and parental leave content to improve the entire experience for expecting parents going on leave. Our goal is to empower new parents to successfully re-onboard and fulfill their career goals. Visit our website to learn more.

Questions? We're here to help!